"I love how beautiful I allow myself to be" muscle t

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This artwork is inspired by and celebrates transgender, intersex, androgyny and gender non-conforming identities and their beauty.  This work was made in reaction to the amount of mental illness, suicide and substance abuse that teens and youth go through during their experience of self discovery. I hope that as a community we can celebrate these individuals and recognize their struggles.  My hope is that by creating artwork that someone out there who is feeling unloved or unappreciated will see it and feel like they are not alone.

With the purchase of an item from FrillyGurl YOU support a single mother of 3 Daughters who wants to keep making WORD art to help push awareness within her community.  This is her personal mission and can only continue if she can keep it going. SO thanks in advance if you chose to move to the check out with cool stuff and/or Thanks also for visiting it all means a great deal knowing you stopped by to peek!!!!