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The philosophy behind the label is to be RAD make ART and Say-Something to start a dialog about everyday world & life topics.  My hope for FRILLYGURL is that it will grow to support other local artist and see the brand become an outlet for Guerrilla Gallery Shows featuring the sub-culture of artists who share the same zeitgeist.

Make IT_Print IT_Say IT_Paste IT_Wear IT_Stick IT

The company was created to support a movement of positive thinking and cultural awareness.  It began when I was feeling a "littleilluminati" and thought even though i am ONE person, woman, mother, artist, I can SAYSOMETHING through the  voice of words and images --"just print it on a T-shirt”.

Based in Philadelphia USA

Been around SINCE 1972

Selling on the Inter-Web SINCE 2015

Wolf-Mother Artist Founder: Rene Micheli